Sunday, April 20, 2008

Japanese-style Christmas Menu

By Setsuko Yoshizuka

Japanese people celebrate Christmas even though most of the population isn't Christian. You might be wondering what Japanese people eat on that day. It's common to eat a special dinner on Christmas Eve in Japan. Many people go out for a special dinner at a fancy restaurant, so the well-known restaurants are usually fully booked on Christmas Eve.

At home, the kinds of Christmas dinner dishes change slightly year-by-year, but usually roast chicken or fried chicken and a Christmas cake are included. In fact, KFC restaurants around Japan get very busy on Christmas Eve. Instead of cooking a whole chicken, cooking chicken thighs is common in Japan. Lately, various pizza has also become a popular food to eat on the Christmas Eve.

Most of Japanese people buy Christmas cakes at stores. Different kinds of Christmas cakes are sold everywhere in Japan. When making a typical Japanese Christmas cake at home, making sponge isn't easy for beginners. You can use any cake mix if you would like. Also, roast teriyaki chickens are popular Chrismas menu. Try making your own roast teriyaki chickens. Here is a list of some ideas for Japanese-style Christmas dinner.